Wellness weekend at Cucina Colac

food, yoga, art therapy

Are you feeling a bit flat? Do you need your batteries recharged? Is it time to think about your health in a new way?

Press the pause button, it’s time to allow yourself to spend a weekend of wellness and fun at our upcoming event in our series of Weekend Workshops.

What to expect each on Saturday and Sunday:

1. Start each morning with a Yoga session with wonderful Susan (bio below), followed by a beautiful breakfast bursting with ‘super’ foods and deliciousness.

2. Then onto a session of healing Therapeutic drawing, with gorgeous Heather (bio below). No previous art or drawing experience required.

3. The Lunch Preparation Class follows. It will be about eating for longevity and health, and will be hands on and a demonstration class. Then sit down and eat.

4. In the afternoon choose from various activities; including individual Reflexology sessions with fabulous Thea (bio below); a short walk along nearby Lake Colac or to the Botanic Gardens; quiet time in the garden or by the fire.

5. Finally a cooking session, devoted to healthy cooking with plants. We end the day with a shared evening meal.

Sunday morning begins with Yoga again, a second session of healing Art Therapy and more individual reflexology sessions and another cooking class. The Workshop ends at 4.30 p.m. on Sunday. All meals are included in the package and there is some accommodation available at Cucina Colac.

Cost for weekend $340 includes 2 Yoga Sessions, 2 Drawing sessions, 1 Reflexology Session, 3 Cooking Classes and 5 Meals.


Susan started her career in the health and fitness industry before moving into roles including her own business in IT and telecommunications. Juggling both family and full-time work as a single mum she found over the years the benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice.

Embracing everything yoga, she decided to study under the Australian Yoga Academy and Yin Yoga Consciousness training.

Susan jumped into the world of Transformational yoga which has been a life changing experience. Through the benefits of her personal practice she decided to complete the 200 hours of Transformational Yoga Teacher Training in 2018.

Susan is passionate about sharing yoga with those who haven’t established or experienced a yoga practice. Focusing on Yin, Transformational Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

“I believe yoga is for everyone and no matter your physical or mental health you will receive benefits from a regular yoga practice.


Heather is a Steiner trained educationalist and is nearing graduation in Anthroposophical Art Therapy.

“It is about creating better health rather than creating art.”

This therapy involves the following Process.

Light, darkness and colour exist in the atmosphere. In the human being we relate the brightness of light with the thinking, the movement of colour with feeling, the heart and darkness with the activity or the will in the human body.

When thinking, feeling and the will activities in our physical body work creatively and in harmony with each other,health is experienced. Prolonged disharmony results in discomfort, illness and hindrances for healthy development. Specific charcoal and painting exercises working with light, darkness and colour are designed to restore balance and harmony so healing can take place.

Charcoal will be the specific medium used for the workshop.


Thea is originally from Switzerland but now lives in Geelong. She has been working as a Relexologist for over ten years. She is passionate about her work and is interested in people. Thea is a real people person.

Reflexology is a holistic non-invasive therapy. It has been part of human life for over 3000 years. It is based on the principle that all the components of the body are reflected in reflexes in the feet, hands, ears and face.

“I use a combination of pressure techniques, which I adjust to your level of sensitivity to address imbalances in the mind and body.”

The proven benefits of Reflexology are:

– reduces stress
– balances the nervous system
– improves sleep quality
– boosts lymphatic function
– improves circulation
– detoxifies the body
– enhances the body’s natural healing process
– balances all body parts

“In 2012 I completed the highest level in Bowen Therapy studies.”


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