Otway Harvest Trail

Otway Harvest Trail tourist information, Otway Ranges

The Otway Harvest Trail is a celebration of the seasons that bestow their rich bounty on a luscious part of Victoria. We believe a unique combination of aspect, soils, climate and farming practices in the Otway hinterland produces distinctive and exceptional flavours in our produce that cannot be found anywhere else.

An easy-to-follow driving route through the beautiful Otway Ranges, the Otway Harvest Trail maps out places to find the wonderful food, wine, produce and other attractions for which the region has gained a growing national and international reputation.

Since 2009, the Otway Harvest Trail has showcased grassroots local businesses that bring out the best of what the Otways hinterland has to offer in the form of food produce, wine, gourmet products, places to stay and eat, things to do in the Otway Ranges and much more.

The Otway Harvest Trail is your hub for Otway Ranges tourist information when it comes to food produce, places to stay and things to do. Boasting an expansive membership base of Otways businesses, groups and local producers, you will find abundant Otway Ranges breweries and wineries, markets and farmgates, and places to eat such as restaurants and cafés bursting at the seams with Otway Ranges food and produce.

The foodie theme doesn’t end there, the Otways region is also home to producers of fine Otway Ranges artisan products, provedores, and culinary connoisseurs who are ready to impart their passion for Otway Ranges food produce.

“The perfect way get into the spirit of the Otways is to pack a basket of locally made bits and find a hill, a shady tree, a waterfall or a park and get close to nature.“