Otway Ranges breweries and wineries

The Otways hinterland is a real treat for beer and wine connoisseurs, with Otway Ranges wineries and breweries, distilleries and cideries among the best Victoria has to offer. The options are plentiful and the quality is high, and you will find a delicious Otways tipple for just about anyone’s preference on the Otway Harvest Trail, providing a genuine taste of the region.

There’s a long list of things to do in the Otway Ranges, and checking out the region’s wineries and breweries, cideries and distilleries should be right near the top. The Otway hinterland is rich in organic produce, and you’ll find there are plenty of locally sourced ingredients used to create the wide variety of popular and unique wines, craft beers, whisky and cider at wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries in the Otway Ranges.

From award-winning Shiraz to Riesling, dark and pale ales, local apple cider and single malt whiskey, the Otway Harvest Trail boasts an enviable variety of beers, wines and products from the vine, created from the ground up at breweries and wineries in the Otway Ranges.

When you visit Otway Ranges restaurants and cafés, the chances are you will find the drinks menu is laden with high-quality products from the Otway Harvest Trail’s wineries, breweries and distilleries. We don’t recommend you try them all in one sitting but after a couple of beers or a bottle of wine over a delicious dinner, we’re confident your fridge or wine cabinet will soon feature Otway Ranges beers, wines, cider and spirits.

The Otway Harvest Trail’s wineries and breweries are dotted throughout the region. Each location is a must if you’re into premium craft beer, wine, cider and spirits. However there is too much to see in one day so be sure to check out the rich abundance of places to stay in the Otway Ranges.  There is something to suit just about anyone’s tastes, needs and budget.

To arrange your trip of tipples, see the options below for details of cellar door/bar opening hours.

Contact us at the Otway Harvest Trail for more details about Otway Ranges wineries and breweries, or simply for more tourist information about the region.