Eat in the Otways

Knowing the best places to eat is a crucial piece of Otway Ranges tourist information. The Otway Harvest Trail is proudly aligned with award-winning and world-renowned restaurants and cafes that have put parts of the Otway Ranges on the map. The region is home to some of the best locally grown produce in Victoria, and hospitality providers have tapped into those resources to create equally great dining experiences.

The dining options are broad-ranging and the quality is high, with an Otway Ranges restaurant or café menu available to satisfy just about any palate. What’s arguably most impressive about the restaurant and café options along the Otway Harvest Trail is that the menus are packed with delicacies featuring ingredients from the area’s great food producers. The region is genuinely rich in places to eat and amazing food.

Exploring the Otway Ranges cafés and restaurants and tasting the abundance of locally grown food produce is right up there with the best things to do on the Otway Harvest Trail. All the places to eat are different and a treat to the senses. The Otway hinterland boasts locally grown pork, lamb, beef, organic fruit and vegetables, herbs, shiitake mushrooms, a variety of cheeses, conserves, confectionery, bread, local wine and other local produce such as wool and wool products, leather products and souvenirs. It’s obvious why the region’s restaurants and cafés source their ingredients from their own backyard.

As far as variety goes, there are options aplenty when it comes to cafes and restaurants in the Otway Ranges and hinterland. From high-quality pub food to fine dining and delicious café lunch menus, you will be stuck deciding what to try next. Don’t forget the fantastic wineries and breweries dotted along the Otway Harvest Trail, because those that serve food are all great places to eat.

Like most of the things to do on the Otway Harvest Trail, there’s too much for just a day trip. But luckily there are loads of premium accommodation options and places to stay throughout the Otway Ranges.

Check out the restaurant and café options listed below and let us know what you think.