Timboon Ice Creamery

Timboon Fine Ice Cream was established in October 1999 by Tim Marwood and Caroline Simmons. As a 3rd-generation dairy farmer, Tim has a real connection to the land. His grandfather was a progressive farmer who developed early irrigation practices in the 1940s and his dad was one of the first farmers in the district to milk ‘a cow to the acre’ in the 1970s. Caroline is originally a Melbourne girl, and no stranger to hard work as a registered nurse. She embarked on a steep learning curve and quickly embraced farm life and country living.

Adding value to their family dairy operation was a key motivation in exploring and developing the brand that has become Timboon Fine Ice Cream.

With 36 inches of annual rainfall, Timboon is the dairy capital of Victoria. Rolling hills and stands of native timbers punctuate the landscape. On most days, a crisp south-westerly breeze off Bass Strait freshens the gleam of the lush green pastures. Happy cows produce high-quality milk and cream on this pristine farmland.

Tim and Caroline count themselves lucky for having such an abundance of quality ingredients for Timboon Fine Ice Cream right on their doorstep. ‘It’s simply the fresh milk and cream that makes our ice cream so special,’ Tim says.

Open 11am – 5pm


1 A Barrett St Timboon, VIC