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Membership cycle renews each year in July.

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The Otway Harvest Trail consists of a variety of Otway hinterland businesses that share a passion for local produce and locally grown and made products. Each Otway Harvest Trail member business aims to provide opportunities for visitors to the region to get a taste of what’s on offer and available in the Otway region. The trail also includes accommodation.

Joining the Otway Harvest Trail will give your business the chance to help grow the tourism experience across the Otway hinterland while collaborating with successful operators in a wide variety of joint opportunities that will enhance your business. For the visitor, engaging with the Otway Harvest Trail provides something to do, something to enjoy and something for them to take home.

Who are we?

WHO / Niche-gourmet products and experiences, located along a beautiful, sustainable hinterland trail, just above the Great Ocean Road of Victoria.

WHY / The trail is curated by local makers and creators only. To be a part of the Otway Harvest Trail, means something truly special for both producers and trail seekers, alike.

WHAT / Existing niche production includes olives, olive oil, honey, wool, beer, wine, beef, pork, small scale butchering, bread, garlic, berries, goat’s cheese, mushrooms, pasta, ostrich, chocolate, organic vegetables and associated outlets and accommodation aligned with the trail vision and mission.

WHERE / Approximately, two hours West of Melbourne by car, towards Geelong and the Great Ocean Road.

Geographical Boundaries of the Otway Harvest Trail

The boundaries are as follows:

  • Any business located on or south of the Great Ocean Road is excluded.
  • Any business located in a township on the Great Ocean Road (eg Bellbrae, Lorne, Apollo Bay, Port Campbell etc) is excluded.
  • Commencing at Hendy Main Rd, Freshwater Creek, proceeding north to Mount Moriac.
  • From Mount Moriac following the Princes Highway in a westerly direction through Colac to Camperdown.
  • From Camperdown, continuing West to Cross Forest Rd.
  • Following Cross Forest Rd south to Cobden.
  • From Cobden to Timboon in a straight line.
  • From Timboon to Port Campbell in a straight line but excluding the Port Campbell township itself.


Membership Types and Criteria

Our membership types are divided into Heroes and Champions. These category names are for membership category use only and won’t appear on external marketing. Our external marketing will still advertise your business under our categories EAT, DRINK, STAY, EXPLORE.

Heroes refers to the producers on the trail. These businesses produce, prepare and/or process their product exclusively within the geographical boundaries of the OHT. Businesses in this category will receive a larger proportion of the focus when it comes to marketing and promotion.

Champions are those businesses which “champion” the producers by using their products in their restaurants/cafes, selling OHT products in their shops or outlets, or providing boutique hosted accommodation which promotes the OHT. Champions play an important role in increasing awareness of the OHT with the general public.

Accommodation needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Locally owned and managed boutique accommodation
  • Host lives onsite for personal interaction and assistance
  • Actively promotes other Otway Harvest Trail members
  • Member of relevant tourism association

Heroes A – $530 per year

Operates year round and/or has 3 or more FTE employees

Heroes A + additional listing – $690 per year

Heroes B – $320 per year

Operates up to 12 weeks of the year, or has no outlet, or less than 3 FTE employees

Heroes  + additional listing – $480 per year

Champions A – $370 per year

Has 3 or more FTE employees. Restaurants/cafes/providors/general stores need to demonstrate their support of at least 3 other OHT members by selling their produce or using it in their own product/food.

Champions A + additional listing – $530

Champions B – $270 per year

Has less than 3 FTE employees. Restaurants/cafes/providors/general stores need to demonstrate their support of at least 3 other OHT members by selling their produce or using it in their own product/food.

Champions B + additional listing – $420

Additional Notes:

  • All memberships include website listing and brochure entry, a dedicated page in the OHT app and use of the OHT Social Media Playbook.

Prospective Members

If you would like to become part of the Otway Harvest Trail, please read the above information carefully to ensure that you would qualify.  If so, click Apply for Membership and select Prospective Member. All new applications must apply as prospective members so we can determine whether your business is eligible.

Prospective members will need to let us know how their business meets the membership criteria in their application. Please make sure you check all the information you are providing is accurate and correct.

Once we have reviewed your information, and if you are eligible, we will contact you to let you know you can proceed to purchase a full membership.  There is no cost applied for an application until you are approved for membership.

Important Information

  • The cut off date for the 2023 – 24 brochure inclusion is August 18, 2023.
  • All new applications will remain as pending until approved by admin.
  • We will let you know if you are approved, and if so, invite you to purchase a paid membership online.
  • All memberships are rebilled automatically each year unless you cancel your membership before the next renewal date.  You will receive an email indicating that renewal will take place one week prior to that happening.
  • Memberships can be paid for online via credit card. This is our strong preference. If you cannot pay by credit card, the final question asks how you want to pay. If you choose by Bank Transfer, we will manually create an invoice for you to pay before your membership becomes active.

Before you start your application, it is helpful for you have all the relevant contact details for your business (and additional listing) ready, such as:

  • your contact details for communication with OHT
  • public contact details for your business that you are happy to have used on a brochure or website (they may be the same as above or different)
  • social media links and website address
  • 25 word blurb describing your business/product for a brochure/map listing
  • Longer description describing your business/product for the website and the app
  • All relevant info for any additional listing you may be purchasing.

Apply for Membership

Existing Members

If you need your website listing updated at any time during the year, these changes will be made manually by us upon your request.  Simply login to update your listing, then let us know you have done so and we will action the changes on the OHT website for you.

You can login and update your details any time so they are current for the next brochure/hard copy marketing. The cut off date for the 2023 – 24 brochure is August 18, 2023.   You need to have paid for your renewal and have finalised any changes to your member information prior to that date to have the correct information in the new brochure.

Managing your Membership

To edit any information in your profile at any stage:

  • Login to your account.
  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click Edit Membership.


  • To edit, simply update anything you need to and scroll down to the bottom and click Update.
  • To update your credit card details, click Edit Credit Card Details from your profile page when you log in.

To cancel your automatic rebilling or your membership:

  • Login to your account.
  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click Cancel Membership.


  • Choose your Cancellation Option and click Cancel Membership. If you choose the first option, you will continue to receive updates and communications and be part of the Trail until your membership expires. If you choose the second option, the cancellation is effective immediately and you will no longer receive any member emails other than those pertaining to your cancellation.


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