Otway Valley – Grass fed beef & pork

Producers of premium quality grass fed, Certified Lowline Beef and pasture raised Berkshire pork.

We have a passion for great food, self-sufficiency and educating people about where their food comes from. Being able to share our wonderful produce with family and friends was always part of our vision. We want to extend that to as many people as possible on a small scale. All our animals are true free range (pasture raised). They are free to roam in large paddocks and display all their natural behaviors.

Our cattle are only fed grass and the occasional bale of hay. We believe grass fed cattle are easier on the environment and produce better beef. Our pigs are allowed to be pigs. They are able dig up the soil looking for all sorts of tasty treats, fertilising our pasture as they go. They are free to wallow in the mud if the choose to. Pigs roaming freely in paddocks and simply doing what pigs do, makes for happy, healthier pigs and therefore better quality and great tasting pork.


247 Moomowroong Rd, Carlisle River

Contact0438 074 735