La Caseta

What do we do?

Handmade Latin American Food with a focus on authentic Honduran gastronomy, but also including some of my favourite dishes from neighbouring countries, like tamales, baleadas, pupusas, empanadas, tres leches, handmade corn tortillas, tacos, burritos & chilli con carne (to name a few), with gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.

Where is Honduras?

Honduras is located in Central America, 2 countries below Mexico and 3 countries above Colombia. Honduras borders Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

How/Where do you find us?

1- At Markets from spring to autumn in Winchelsea and surroundings. This will be the only time when you’ll get authentic Honduran street food. A must try is the “Shot woman”.
Follow us on social media or check our website to find out the upcoming dates and locations.

2- We offer Catering and private dinners.

Planning a private dinner for two or a bigger occasion/event? Talk to us and we will design a menu based on the occasion and diet requirements. Just fill the catering form in our website to get a quote and we will contact you with further details and availability.

3- Take home meals – Easy to heat and eat.
Pre Order online to pick up from our Kitchen in Winchelsea. Check the website for the latest menu and instructions.

What does “La Caseta” mean?

It means a little stall. In Honduras a Caseta is a casual street food shop where you find traditional dishes and it’s usually only visited by locals.

My memories of Casetas are associated with fresh and delicious food, and that’s what I want to share with you.

Who are we?

I’m Cinthya and I’m from Honduras. I moved to Australia in 2014 and here’s where I found my passion for cooking. However, just recently I was brave enough to start my little business to offer you the opportunity to try something authentic and different.
Chris (my partner) is the reason I came to Australia and the person who consistently encouraged me to follow my passion, this business would not exist without him either.

Why do we do this? My answer is: “¿Porque no?”

Since I’m the only Honduran in the area I feel it is my joyful duty and responsibility to cook for you and show you a bit more of Latin America through food and maybe I can also teach you a little bit of Spanish and a dance move or two.

Nos vemos por ahí….