Book places to stay in the Otway Ranges before peak season

With spring upon us and the winter’s chill fading, tourist numbers in the Otway hinterland will soon start to spike. It’s time to get in early, plan your Otway Harvest Trail adventure and book places to stay in the Otway Ranges.

There is a huge variety of attractions, environments and landscapes to see and experience in the Otway region, and a range of accommodation options to match. No matter where you find yourself in the Otway Ranges this spring and summer, you can be sure there will be some great places to stay.

The Otway Harvest Trail showcases the wide variety and high quality of places to stay in the Otway Ranges. These accommodation options have evolved in numbers with evolution of the Otway hinterland as one of Australia’s leading natural tourist destinations. There are places to stay for just about any type of visitor, traveling on any type of budget.

You will find charming cottages, up-market bed and breakfasts, luxury guest houses, and serene cabin settings among the places to stay in the Otway Ranges. With plenty of restaurants, cafes, wineries, breweries, farm gates, provedores and markets to visit, not to mention the recreational things to do, we recommend you take a few days and try out more than one accommodation type.

The beauty of the Otway Harvest Trail is the variety of things to do, and quality of experience that will keep you coming back. And come back you will, with the knowledge that there are so many great places to stay in the Otway Ranges.