“Rachel’s Farm” Film Night

Otway Harvest Trail and the Birregurra Film Group are teaming up for a public screening of “Rachel’s Farm” on Saturday 10 February at the Birregurra Hall.


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The film, by actor-director Rachel Ward, tracks her farming journey from ecological despair to finding hope in the soil beneath her feet.


This uplifting documentary sets out to regenerate Rachel’s northern NSW beef farm, with the help of experts and neighbours. “Rachel’s Farm” is for anyone who cares about how their food is produced, how degraded our soils have become, and the changing role of women on farms.



Due to the higher rainfall, good soils and proximity to large cities and tourism destinations, farming in the Otway region continues to diversify and evolve to include small-scale producers selling direct to public.


The Otway Harvest Trail aims to connect visitors with produce aligned businesses between Bellbrae, Camperdown, Timboon and inland from the Great Ocean Road.


Although “Rachel’s Farm” can now be streamed at home on the couch, this screening seeks to bring interested people together in the Birregurra Hall. A bar with locally produced drinks will open in the late afternoon prior to the screening. A number of farmers practicing regenerative agriculture will also be on hand to talk to anyone wanting some practical information.


“My hope is that the film will fill in the blanks between the food that sits on our plate and all the processes by which it got there. That it will illuminate the impact of different approaches to farming, and allow people to connect their food with their values.” – Rachel Ward


Bookings essential. Tickets $15 adult. Kids under 12 free, but must book a ticket.

  • Saturday 10 February, 2024
  • Birregurra Hall
  • Main Street, Birregurra.
  • Venue open 5:00pm.
  • Film from 6:15pm


Food and Drink

Otway Artisan Gluten Free will extend their hours into the evening and serve pizzettas from their Main Street shop. Movie tickets holders and general public can bring these to The Yards (side entrance of the hall) where the bar will be open.

Produce Sales

The following Otway Harvest Trail producers will have their products for sale from 5:00pm in the Senior Citizens Room.

Stay tuned for more!


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"Rachel's Farm" Film Night

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