Be a part of the Otway Harvest Trail

The Otway Harvest Trail consists of a variety of Otway hinterland businesses that share a passion for local produce and locally grown and made products. Each Otway Harvest Trail member business aims to provide opportunities for visitors to the region to get a taste of what’s on offer and available in the Otway region. The trail also includes business that provide services such as accommodation and recreational activities.

Joining the Otway Harvest Trail will give your business the chance to help grow the tourism experience across the Otway hinterland while collaborating with successful operators in a wide variety of joint opportunities that will enhance your business. For the visitor, engaging with the Otway Harvest Trail provides something to do, something to enjoy and something for them to take home.

For  everything you need to know about Otway Harvest Trail membership, please read the latest OHT membership prospectus 2018 – 19.    Contact us for further assistance.